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Trust Your Legs to the Experience of Dr. John L. Milligan

What is Vein Disease and What are the Symptoms?

Vein disease is an often overlooked as the cause of leg pain, swelling and even wounds that won’t heal. Yet, it is a serious medical issue that requires the proper care. Not limited to cosmetic issues, your varicose and spider veins can create poor circulation in your legs resulting in that achy, heavy, tired sensation.

Heavy, Tired, Achy, Restless Legs?

Both men and women suffer from vein disease and many don’t even know it. You begin to live around the pain and swelling, thinking its from aging or weight. And although these are contributing factors, you don’t have to live with discomfort. Take our Self Assessment to discover if you might have vein disease.

Technologically Advanced Care

While many vein clinics are available to you, we pride ourselves on being the only clinic in the area to provide the most comprehensive treatments, including Varithena. Dr. Milligan now trains others in the proper use and technique of this highly effective procedure.

Our Outcomes Change Lives

We treat our patients like family because we care about their quality of life. Great outcomes are our goal and we take great pride in the fact that our treatments change lives. See our before and after photos and hear what are patients are saying about Milligan Vein.